Partners & Collaborators

Here you find the partners & collaborators in MCP Broker.

Partner: ECCOM//Italy

Rome Italy ECCOM – European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management has been founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary approach to cultural organisations. Formed by economists, archaeologists, art historians and experts in cultural training and communication, ECCOM carries out analyses, consultancies and research works for public administrations and private organisations. … Continue reading Partner: ECCOM//Italy

Partner: Educult//Austria

Vienna Austria Through our research we aspire to initiate discussion and raise new questions. Dialogue is essential – therefore we include discussion-based methods and involve relevant stakeholders into our work whenever applicable. Our interdisciplinary competences and our international network of experts allow us to design a concept tailored to your needs. See more … Continue reading Partner: Educult//Austria

Partner: Intercult//Sweden

Stockholm Sweden Intercult is an independent production and resource unit based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have worked in Sweden and Europe since 1996, as initiator and leader of collaborative culture projects, networks and the development of intercultural and international project competence. We take an active interest in national and European cultural policy.We … Continue reading Partner: Intercult//Sweden

Partner: Culture Action Europe//Belgium

Brussels Belgium Culture Action Europe (CAE) was created in 1992 under the name of EFAH. With the goal of putting culture at the heart of decisions-making process and the public debate, both at the European and local level, the association is moving from a sector-oriented advocacy organisation to an issue-driven one. CAE … Continue reading Partner: Culture Action Europe//Belgium

Collaborator: Region Västerbotten//Sweden

Umeå Sweden Region Västerbotten is a co-operative body which is responsible of regional development in Västerbotten County. Västerbotten County Council and the county’s 15 municipalities established Region Västerbotten 1 January 2008. Region Västerbotten is a political organisation which is responsible for regional development issues and regional growth. Region Västerbotten’s main mission is … Continue reading Collaborator: Region Västerbotten//Sweden