Partner: Culture Action Europe//Belgium



Culture Action Europe (CAE) was created in 1992 under the name of EFAH. With the goal of putting culture at the heart of decisions-making process and the public debate, both at the European and local level, the association is moving from a sector-oriented advocacy organisation to an issue-driven one. CAE promotes arts and cultural diversity as a cornerstone of the European project and as essential components for sustainable democratic societies that want to forge a better life for the current and future generations..

To those that strive to place culture close the people concerns and demands, CAE offers a space to exchange and combine strengths and elaborate common positions.
At European and local level, CAE advocates for the fulfilment of cultural rights for the current and generation, the role that culture has on citizen’s well-being and as fundamental driver for sustainability. CAE office in Brussels liaises and engages with the European Union institutions to influencing the policies that impact on culture both at European and at local level..

Through its over 130 members CAE gives voice to about 80.000 cultural organisations active in all disciplines across the EU and beyond..


//Meeting// 2015-03-24 Brussels Belgium Plenary meeting: “Intercultural strategies and territory”. Discussion on what does it mean “diversity” in Belgium with an expert from the BOZAR //Workshop// 2015-03-24 Brussels Belgium Working group. The group working on ‘coordination’ dealt with the key issue of coordinating actors that don’t only work at a ground level but also at … Continue reading Activities//CAE


//ACP – Association Culture & Progrès// Brussels Belgium Culture & Progrès association (ACP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to populations from developing countries and to foreign citizens and friends. Its objective is to improve living conditions of those people and to reach global progress and sustainable development by focusing on external policies, development cooperation … Continue reading Participants//CAE