Partner: Educult//Austria


Through our research we aspire to initiate discussion and raise new questions. Dialogue is essential – therefore we include discussion-based methods and involve relevant stakeholders into our work whenever applicable. Our interdisciplinary competences and our international network of experts allow us to design a concept tailored to your needs.


  //Workshop// Vienna Austria 2015-02-16 Learning Parntership with migrant self-organisations on their perspectives on migrant cultural participation in Austria. 5 hours round table discussion. High relevance of points of mediation, ombuds-persons in institutions; crucial question of funding migrant cultural participation; migrant cultural participation is a cross-sectional topic but there is still a need to treat … Continue reading Activities//Educult


//Junges Volkstheater, Schauspiel Aktiv// Vienna Austria Cooperation platform between the “Volkstheater Wien” and schools. //Junge Burg// Vienna Austria “Youth strand” of the Burgtheater Vienna. //Festspielhaus St.Pölten// St.Pölten Austria Theater in St.Pölten //Steirischer Herbst// Graz Austria Festival of new art – steirischer herbst has re-invented itself many times in its history … Continue reading Participants//Educult