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Intercult is an independent production and resource unit based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have worked in Sweden and Europe since 1996, as initiator and leader of collaborative culture projects, networks and the development of intercultural and international project competence. We take an active interest in national and European cultural policy.We act interculturally, both as producers and experts. We initiate large scale co-productions, primarily at the European level. We connect local and international initiatives, we work across disciplines and in multiple partnerships. We bring together artists, operators and audience, creating unexpected encounters.We operate actively in several networks. We share experience through seminars, conferences, lectures and mentorship. We have many direct experiences of managing EU projects. We are a Europe Direct office, engaging in cultural politics and citizen communication.From our home base on the south side of Stockholm, we interact as a project-based platform, engaging with others on cultural policy development. We are accessible: we do and share.

Some relevant projects:


Intercult is carrying out the swedish part of MCP Broker in collaboration with Region Västerbotten

Participants//Intercult & Region Västerbotten

//Malmö Museer// Malmö Sweden–fritid/Kultur–noje/Museer–utstallningar/Malmo-Museer.html Malmö Museum was founded in 1841. In 1984 the name was changed to Malmö Museer and today exhibitions are held in several buildings in Malmö. The museum was private until 1891, when it passed into the possession of Malmö city. Malmö Museums is one of several regional museums in the … Continue reading Participants//Intercult & Region Västerbotten

Activities//Intercult & Region Västerbotten

The Swedish partners, Intercult and the Region of Västerbotten, have realised the research in Sweden. The partners identified 12 public funded cultural institutions from different parts of Sweden: museums, libraries and theatres/opera houses and a cultural school. //Learning Partnership 1// 2014-09-18- 2014-09-19 Skellefteå Sweden A two-day workshop on recruitment. The first day focused on recruitment … Continue reading Activities//Intercult & Region Västerbotten